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About Greenwing Delaware

Ducks Unlimited understands the importance of youth and education, especially when it involves wetland conservation and outdoor education.  DU has been a leader in taking the learning to outside the classroom, with the Greenwing program and youth day events.  Every year all the Delaware Ducks Unlimited chapters across the state join together and hold a Youth Conservation Day in Greenwood, DE.  This event is an outlet for youth to learn about wildlife management, wetland conservation, and safety education related to outdoor actives.  Each participant not only gains valuable education the day of the event, but are registered in the DU Greenwing program for one year, to continue to receive educational publications throughout the year.

The event is FREE to all youth participants but as you can imagine an event such as this needs funding to support. The Greenwing program is run at the national DU level, but Delaware leads the charge as to the state run event, and in past years registered up to 3000 youth per year.  It costs $15 per child to register them as a Greenwing, and this is where we are in need of your support.  Each of the 3 counties and all 13 DU Chapters across the state of Delaware are responsible to generate the fundraising to support this very important initiative.  

Depending on the level of your donation support you will receive a host of benefits including the knowledge that your donation will go directly to support the Greenwing program, and directly impact the education of youth in the state.  These levels of support are outlined on the attachment to this letter.  Please take a moment and review the various options available and let us know how we can make your donation work to reflect your commitment to the youth of the state.

We feel this is a great opportunity to promote your organization as a new member to the Delaware community, but also to show its support for the mission of Ducks Unlimited and youth education, as they are the future conservationists.